Adult Friend Finders

Since Paul tackled the tricky task of finding new hobbies as an adult, I’m going to talk about the challenges of making new friends. Continue reading “Adult Friend Finders”


Adult Hobbies

Recently, Kathleen and I were talking about how we tend to watch a lot of television. It’s both entertaining and relaxing, and it’s usually just what the doctor ordered after a long day at work. But, we thought, maybe there are other things we could be doing with our time. Maybe it’s time to branch out a bit and find some honest-to-God hobbies. Continue reading “Adult Hobbies”

Never Go To Europe

When we decided to name this blog That Annoying Couple, I wanted to come up with a post that would live up to the title. And behold, I have done it. Let’s talk about the planning of our trip to Europe! Continue reading “Never Go To Europe”

Little luxuries 

Today I worked from home while three women cleaned my apartment. When they came to the door, I slipped off a conference call to let them in. On Friday, I was teaching when Peapod showed up to deliver my groceries. 

After this week, my colleagues probably think I’m quite the pampered princess. I can see them whispering now, “Who will ring the bell next? A dog masseuse?”

I hope no one will judge me too harshly because there’s no way my tub would ever be this clean on my own merit. 

Towel folds!

Look at that delicate rosebud of a blanket on my couch!

Clearly, my transformation into a slothful luxury apartment dwelling monster has commenced.