Full Yuppification

Christmas has come and gone, and, as is typical for us, Kathleen and I opted not to get gifts for one another. Instead, we tend to purchase one or more joint presents for ourselves (or jet off to somewhere fun like New Orleans). This year, in an effort to achieve true and complete yuppification with which only a very few can compete, our joint present was…a wine fridge. Continue reading “Full Yuppification”


Adult Hobbies

Recently, Kathleen and I were talking about how we tend to watch a lot of television. It’s both entertaining and relaxing, and it’s usually just what the doctor ordered after a long day at work. But, we thought, maybe there are other things we could be doing with our time. Maybe it’s time to branch out a bit and find some honest-to-God hobbies. Continue reading “Adult Hobbies”

Never Go To Europe

When we decided to name this blog That Annoying Couple, I wanted to come up with a post that would live up to the title. And behold, I have done it. Let’s talk about the planning of our trip to Europe! Continue reading “Never Go To Europe”

My Favorite Songs of All-Time

Last week we were cruising around town, and, as is typical, I was in charge of providing the tunes for our drive—Kathleen, with the working eyes, naturally was in charge of the driving. Everything on the radio was terrible (D.C. radio is exceptionally shitty, FYI), so I took out my phone and put on a playlist I’d recently created on Spotify. Continue reading “My Favorite Songs of All-Time”

I Can Do This. Fuck You!

Last week I traveled to Chicago for work, and while I had a great time and ate my body-weight in pizza, this story isn’t about that. Rather, this is the story of how I almost punched a friend’s mother in the face. Continue reading “I Can Do This. Fuck You!”

We Need to Have a Serious Discussion About Ed Sheeran

A few months back, I really wound up my brother in-law by telling him I thought Uptown Funk was the best song written in the last twenty-five years. This was the night of Kathleen’s birthday party, and we were all a bit tipsy. And it was fun to bust his balls a bit about his over-the-top dislike of that song—which, incidentally, I do like a lot, even if I wouldn’t normally say it’s the best song of the last two decades. Continue reading “We Need to Have a Serious Discussion About Ed Sheeran”

These Pretzels…Are Making Me Thirsty!

I am one of those people (Kathleen, too) who enjoys being outside the cultural mainstream. Not so far outside as to be one of those fart-sniffing dipshits who only consume indie films and music, but just far enough outside to feel perfectly comfortable ignoring otherwise universally-beloved shit—like Star Wars, or Breaking Bad. Continue reading “These Pretzels…Are Making Me Thirsty!”