Saturday, Paul and I spent the morning running errands. As I drove, I noticed my car kept pulling to the left quite dramatically. I’m prone to anxiety and so my neurotic questions to Paul–How is the car driving? Do you notice any difference in the ride? Do the tires feel full?–were pretty typical for a Saturday morning ride. He responded that all felt well and so we continued on to Whole Foods. Continue reading “Tire-d”

Once Upon a Mattress

Three years ago we bought a memory foam mattress. For 2 years, we slept great. This past year, we elevated the mattress to help with my acid reflux and hiatal hernia and the mattress never recovered. It sloped and dipped and created a cavern in the middle where if we lost vigilance for one minute we sunk into the crevasse. Continue reading “Once Upon a Mattress”


Do you have a hard time sleeping at night? Suffer from anxiety? Listlessness? Self-loathing? A paralyzing certainty that the world is about to end, your fellow human is suffering, and you’re helpless to stop it? Continue reading “FONHO”

Honorary Cajun

Paul and I met on Match.com. In the early days of our courtship, before I knew if he was a serial murderer who was going to cut me into tiny pieces and store me in his freezer, I chose our date locations with care. Continue reading “Honorary Cajun”