With the Attorney General threatening to jail journalists, a historical precedent that never bodes well, we keep thinking that now is a really smart time to GTFO of the US.  

We’ve approached it from every possible angle and it seems it’s impossible to move abroad. 

You see countless articles like this or this. People who were frugal, worked hard, and retired at 30. It sounds lovely. A new American dream. But just like the old American dream, it’s another crock of shit for the vast majority of the population. 

All of these miracle retirees have something in common–huge windfalls of cash beyond the norm. Either they have jobs with huge lucrative incomes that allow them to sock away large sums of money, or relative dies and gives them income, etc, etc. I’ve yet to read the story of a grad student who becomes a government functionary who retires at 30. Not gonna happen. Or the high school teacher and nonprofit lawyer who have 2 kids touring Europe. 

Lately, I’ve been taken with Two Fat Americans. This couple, though not real expats, are my spirit animal. Yet there’s no way I am buying that this trip is funded by cashed in vacation days,, and rebates. Give me some credit, you two. I can math. That free hotel night doesn’t cover international flights. 

I know places like New Zealand, France, Cape Breton, etc are all eager for Americans. Americans with shiny tech abilities. So, the best solution I’ve come up with is to build a time machine, go back, and get a degree in engineering or tech. But I’d probably need such a degree to build the machine, so I guess we’re stuck here in a declining civilization. 


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