Adult Hobbies

Recently, Kathleen and I were talking about how we tend to watch a lot of television. It’s both entertaining and relaxing, and it’s usually just what the doctor ordered after a long day at work. But, we thought, maybe there are other things we could be doing with our time. Maybe it’s time to branch out a bit and find some honest-to-God hobbies.

Here’s the thing, though: finding a new hobby as an adult is tough. When you’re young you have passion…curiosity…energy! When you’re old you have a vague desire to do stuff—stuff which, ideally, is fun, but not too taxing. Okay, maybe I don’t speak for all adults here. I’m sure some of you fuckers are just raring to go rock climbing, can’t wait to learn French, or are super psyched to build shit like some kind of real-life Ron Swanson. For the rest of us, though, coming up with a new hobby can be tricky.

As we tend to do here in the age of modern technology, I turned to the internet for answers. Google has some thoughts on suitable hobbies—here are a few of the top results:

  • Cooking and grilling — We did get pretty hard into grilling back when we owned a house. Cooking is fun enough, though I think it’s really the eating part that makes it an enjoyable pastime for me.
  • Homebrewing beer — I’ve tasted homebrewed beer a couple times, and it’s fucking disgusting.
  • Skiing and snowboarding — Sweet, brah. I’m totes down for this, once I move to Colorado and medical science progresses to the point where I can regain my sight.
  • Chess — Since I neither live in Russia, nor the world of Harry Potter, I think I’ll pass.
  • Rocketry — Uh, what? Do I look like some kind of fucking rocket scientist? Christ.
  • Investing — Now, this, I can get behind. Too bad it requires, you know, money.

BuzzFeed has some less-than-helpful suggestions in a post called 17 Hobbies To Try If You Suck At Hobbies. I do suck at hobbies, but I’d rather kill myself than “join a community sports league,” and “sending physical letters to people” seems like the hobby of choice for the mentally imbalanced.

Writing this blog has turned out to be a nice hobby, but I can really only come up with so much pointless shit to write about in any given week. We would both love to travel more, but that’s an expensive and time-consuming hobby—unless, of course, we can turn traveling into a full-time occupation. Kathleen has always wanted to be the female Anthony Bourdain, and I think there might be a market for a blind Rick Steves.

So share some of your favorite hobbies in the comments. Who knows? Maybe one of your suggestions will spark a new passion within me, or, at the very least, will get me to stop blowing up your Facebook feed with so many damned blog posts.


3 thoughts on “Adult Hobbies

  1. Go back to hobbies you did as a kid! Probably as a kid you thought of them as “things my parents make me do” or “things I will put on my college applications to prove I am well rounded,” but as an adult we call them “hobbies.”

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